This site has the latest features available making it as easy as it gets to research, select and purchase Howard's award winning nature photography and obtaining usage rights.

In order to assure that our clients receive the highest quality wall art, wall decor or wall prints, Leland Howard has a site where the images have been specifically designed for this purpose. His work can be purchased on numerous substrates such as canvas, acrylic, various photography papers and even metal, plus there are hundreds of frame choices. Please visit:

Create a calming atmosphere in your home, office or business that's also conducive to creativity by selecting striking and refined wall art with the essence of nature. Studies show how proper art selection in just about any environment has a positive effect on creative thought, comfort and well being. Enjoy browsing the insightful and meaningful photographic art by this renowned nature artist. Howard is a professional photographer that goes the extra mile, both literally and figuratively, to capture memorable images. His credits number in the thousands and include the National Geographic Society, Hallmark, Warner Bros MGM and many other top names. Howard's photographic art is meaningful in the way it captures the emotions experienced when observing the natural world. This resonance has been his goal as he refined his work over the last 30 years working as a freelance photographic artist.

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